6 Innovative Baby Feeding Bottles

Six of the best baby feeding bottles for breastmilk feeding

We all know that breast is best, but sometimes its doesn’t matter how much you persist, your baby just won’t latch!  So which bottle is best for your baby?

Just because your baby won’t feed from the breast doesn’t always mean that you can’t ‘breast milk feed’. it is not uncommon for to find that you exclusively pump for a period of time because little bub has made a captain’s call and decide that he/she simply doesn’t want the boob for now!

Don’t despair and never give up. Newborns are contrarian: it’s in their nature – they are individuals and they have their own personalities and foibles. Keep feeding your bub breast milk and focus on finding the right bottle to suit you and your baby.

Understanding that mothers combine both breast and bottle, we have done some research on some different bottle feeding options that stand out from the everyday bottle crowd.  So here goes…




The Tommee Tippee Express & Go System is designed to be a single breast milk system from pumping to storing and heating to feeding.  Express your breast milk directly into the storage pouch, store the pouches in the fridge or freezer in the storage case, defrost and/or heat the pouch in the warmer and click the pouch into the pouch bottle for a feed.

Express & Go pouches come pre-serialised and ready to use. They screw straight into the breast pump adaptor.  A clear measure on the outside of the pouch means you can easily see how much breast milk your baby has consumed. www.tommeetippee.com/en-au/




The Medela Calma teat is designed exclusively for breastfeeding mums as an alternative to allow mums to continue to feed their babies breast milk.

It was developed in cooperation with breastfeeding experts, the Calma allows your baby to suck, swallow and breathe just as they do on the breast.

With the Calma teat your baby needs to create a vacuum to start the milk flow, just like they do while breastfeeding which allows them to maintain their natural sucking behaviour.

If you are worried about your baby rejecting the breast by bottle feeding and you are looking fort an easy transition from breast to bottle and back again then the Calma is definitely worth a try!  For more information visit: www.medela.com.au




I love finding gadgets that make life easy … especially life on  the go.  I have had my eye on the Iiamo self warming bottle for some time and I think this will be a definite addition to my out and about baby routine.

Iiamo enables you to warm up 180ml of milk to the recommended 37°C (body temperature) within 4 minutes without the use of electricity. The secret is its heater the “iiamo warm” disposable cartridge containing only salt and water.

Easy, place-push-and-play activation makes it simple to simple to use. Just pour in milk, activate the cartridge and within approximately 4 minutes you have body temperature milk ready to serve no matter where you are.

In addition iiamo go is completely free of BPA, parabens, phthalates, perfume and other harmful additives.  A great solution for mums and dads on the go!  www.iiamo.com.au




Made from 100% non-toxic, medical grade silicone, the Comotomo baby bottle features simple but important design elements that naturally mimic breastfeeding as much as possible.

Comotomo bottles have a super wide neck and natural shaped nipple for a better latch. Ideal for babies who are fed both breastfed and fed expressed breastmilk.  The Comotomo bottle was designed with smart vents, which eliminate leaks and help prevent colic. The wide neck also means it can be cleaned quickly and easily without a brush.

Free of all nasty chemicals such BPA, PVC or Phthalates. Imported by Mini Monarch.




The innovative nipple design on mimijumi baby bottles was designed to replicate the breast all the way down to pores on the skin.  This helps create a natural feeding and latching experience.

The non-free-flow teat / nipple design means your baby has to actually latch onto the nipple and suckle in order to produce the milk helping to replicate breastfeeding and provide a natural bottle feeding experience.

Mimijumi also have an integrated venting system which means it is anti-colic and anti gas. For more information.




The new Advanced Comfort™ range from Tommee Tippee is  designed to help reduce air bubbles in the milk and to encourage good latch, helping to reduce the risk of your baby ingesting air during feeding.

The air vents down through the tube and into the air-space at the base of the bottle so that the air bypasses the milk…no air bubbles in your baby’s bottle .. awesome!

Tommee Tippee’s Closer To Nature soft, natural-feel silicone teats have proven to be a popular and trusted brand for mums and dads and can help to make it easier to switch between breast and bottle.  For more information visit: www.tommeetippee.com/en-au/

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