Geo Ridge

Joolz Geo Ridge Pram Review


A little while ago we introduced you to the sleek, smart and stylish limited-edition Joolz Geo Ridge. If you missed it, you can check out all the in’s and out’s of this incredibly versatile pram here.

Here at ABaby, we love Joolz and cannot speak highly enough about the fabulous Geo Ridge. However, with so many prams on the market, each seemingly more impressive than the last, you can be forgiven for questioning whether on not this limited-edition really is all that, or just the work of a super-savvy marketing team!

We had Lorin, who has been using the Joolz Geo Ridge pram with her 6 month old daughter since birth, give us her honest feedback on Joolz’s first Geo limited-edition. Here is what she had to say:

Choosing the right pram is a big decision!

Getting a pram was a big deal for me! When I was little I always enjoyed playing with the doll prams rather than the actual baby dolls, so when it came to choosing a pram for my very own baby, I wanted to make sure I chose right.

Having tried a number of other stylish prams on the market, I often found that they were crackly and ‘plasticy’, with the suspension very rickety. I found the Joolz Geo Ridge great as it was not only stylish, but also practical.

One major consideration when choosing the right pram for our family was the height. My husband and I are both quite tall so we needed something that we could use comfortably. We found the seat height and adjustable handlebars of the Joolz perfect.

I also loved the material! I was out running with the pram once and it began to bucket with rain. Obviously, I panicked. I was amazed though how the rain just ‘pebbled’ off the hood (which is fantastically sized as well).

Café Friendly

It was really important for my husband and I that the pram was narrow. I didn’t like the idea of going to a café, having to move the chairs around and take up lots of space with my pram. The Joolz is fantastic for the urban lifestyle as it is very narrow and really easy to navigate through cramped and tight areas. Likewise, I love how the handlebar pushes down so also not taking up lots of room when out and about.

I am not always comfortable with the high chairs cafes have, so I really love the removable handlebar. I can just adjust the seat height of the pram and remove the handlebar so that Penelope can sit with us and be a part of the conversation.

Storage, Accessories and Practicality

The storage basket is fantastic – You can bend it in if you have something smaller you want to keep secure. And, when I have another baby all I need to do is remove the storage basket and in goes the second seat!

Super lightweight, with just a push and a flick (yes, just two movements), the pram is in the boot. It is not thick meaning I can easily fit my shopping on one side of the boot and the pram on the other which is an added bonus.

I really love the matching nappy bag/backpack. In uniform with the other materials used on the Geo Ridge, it looks great hanging from the pram! The change mat is handy and the bottle holder even fits my large Dr. Brown bottle, keeping it hot or cold.

Even Dad Loved it!

My husband was happy to use both the nappy bag and the pram which is great as it means he is happier to help me use it – added bonus!

I tried really, really hard to think about what I didn’t like about the Joolz Geo Ridge and there really isn’t anything! Although it is a little bit more expensive, the quality is truly fantastic. In fact, you actually save money as you wont need to buy another pram come baby two – you just add the second seat!

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