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Illustrations of 6 types of baby prams and strollers

Redsbaby is an innovative, Australian manufacturer of stylish and practical prams and strollers. Redsbaby is a pure online retailer, meaning that you will not find their prams in your local baby store.

Enjoy reading Emma’s honest review of the Redsbaby Jive Stroller and Bassinet below!



Deciding on the right pram for you and your baby can be a tricky business. You’ll get lots of advice, from gushing reviews to stern warnings. Don’t sweat it, I’m here to provide you with a bit of guidance and some light comic relief.

I chose the Redsbaby ‘Jive’ Stroller and Bassinet in indigo with tan leatherette accents. It really is the bees knees and so handsome. I am unashamedly in love.

As an expecting mum, I took to purchasing our pram like it was a military operation, literally. My full blown addiction to Instagram and baby blogs became my weapons of choice, all hail the inter web! For extra recon, I also hit a few local baby fairs. And then I made lists. Lists about brands, accessories, stockists… PLUS I even scheduled times my husband and I could visit the uncharted baby superstores.

Surprisingly, we both came out of our first pram mission ahem, excursion undeterred and with lots to think about. So I made another list, which I am now sharing with you.

Here’s the big kahuna that is sure to steer you on the right path to pram ownership:

·       How will you store the pram in your home?

·       Is it light and easy to pack down, and lift into your car?

·       Can the pram fit comfortably through doorways, hallways, and supermarket aisles?

·       Does it have a detachable bassinet?

·       Does the pram have a forward and rear-facing seat unit?

·       Does the pram include seat adaptors to fit a baby capsule? This handy device allows you to transport baby (often sleeping) from car to pram without disturbing them.

·       What sorts of accessories come with the pram?

·       Price vs your budget.

·       Style of the pram.

·       Types of safety features and do they comply with safety standards?

·       Servicing. Like a car, a pram may require maintenance and a good online service makes life so much easier.

·       Does the pram fit a second seat? Good to consider if you plan to expand your brood.

Let’s talk Redsbaby!

The Redsbaby brand came to fruition just a few years ago in Sydney, born out of a desire to provide Aussie mums and dads with an Australian made product that delivered on style, price and safety. The Redsbaby range includes the ‘ Jive,’ ‘Bounce’ and ‘Move.’ Each design is cleverly considered to suit your daily needs plus it is one of the only strollers designed to comply with the latest Australian Safety standards (AS/NZS 2088:2013), huge tick.


·       Super light, weighing in at a respectable 12kg.

·       With the touch of a button the frame (including seat unit) folds down into a compact bundle for easy storage.

·       Multiple seat unit positions.

·       Front wheel locks and four wheel suspension so you can go off-road and feel like you’re on-road.

·       Hands free foot brake.

·       Shopping basket.

·       Stylish leatherette handles and pivoting bumper bar.

·       Available in a range of trendy colours: Indigo (navy), Onyx (black) or Mist (light grey).

·       A Stayput™ padded seatbelt to keep your baby safe and snug.

·       High quality materials for everything.

·       Meets the latest Australian Safety standards.

·       Excellent online customer service.

·       Flies through supermarket aisles, dashes down windy off-road paths, struts its stuff in cafes.

·       Silver chassis frame.

·       Plus much more! Check out the Redsbaby Jive Stroller and Bassinet here.

The big ticket items:


Ranking extremely high in the ‘newborn appropriateness’ category, the bassinet, which can essentially be a second bed in your baby’s first few months of life, is divine. Made with beautiful fabrics and finishings, there’s also the all important leatherette carry handle, plus a very practical toy hook.

Better still, it features a Maxiair™ mesh magnetic peep window for extra ventilation and adoration of your child.

Seat Unit

With forward and rear-facing positioning, the seat unit also reclines in three different positions, from resting flat for easy sleeps on the move to fully upright for your child to actively explore the world.

It also has an adjustable footrest, leatherette pivoting bumper bar and padded seatbelt. Like the Bassinet, the seat unit comes with a Maxiair™ mesh canopy. Designed to hold up to 20kg, the stroller seat organically grows with your child. Another big tick!

And the price?

It’s ridic. Just $899.

Cons (minor but always worth mentioning):

The Redsbaby Jive is great to exercise with but not at high speeds, so no running I’m afraid.

And finally, 12kg is markedly lighter than the weight of competing stroller brands however, it is still 12kg and worth considering as you will be the one lifting it the most.

When it comes to deciding on your second car (I mean pram), I recommend doing a little research, read reviews like the Redsbaby Pram Jive review, and test drive if you can. As one of the biggest investment pieces a new parent will buy, sometimes you just need a little guidance. The Redsbaby ‘Jive’ Stroller and Bassinet is definitely a piece of parenting gear you want to consider.