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Thule Urban Glide Review

Thule Urban Glide Pram – Versatile Jogger and Stroller

Thule’s Urban Glide pram is an all round sports stroller with a sleek and lightweight design making it perfect for urban mobility or jogging on your favorite path.

The pram has many great features which allows parents to be out and active with ease.

Some of the key features include:

·       One-handed compact fold for quick and easy storing and transporting

·       Swivel front wheel for great maneuverability, which locks into place for jogging

·       Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights to suit any parent

·       Rear suspension so you can manage bumps and make for a smooth and comfortable ride

·       Padded seat with vented top reclines to a near flat position for on-the-go naps

·       Multi-position canopy for added protection with view-in roof port to see your child

·       Large storage compartment with zippered water resistant cover

·       light weight at only 10.5kg

The pram has many great accessories including bassinet, which transforms your sports stroller into a pram, mesh covers, rain covers, snack trays and more.

Guest blogger Jocelyn A shares with us her reasons for purchasing the Thule Urban Glide Pram and the many ways this stroller fits in with her lifestyle.

A few years ago, upon discovering my pregnancy, I had a wonderfully theatrical meltdown and my heavenly husband calmly decided to move his melodramatic, nauseous wife and two dogs to a beachside town, an hour’s drive from Melbourne. The sea change was wonderful, and our lifestyle transitioned from a fast paced inner city rush to a slow and steady wander. Our weekends were spent discovering secret beaches and deep clear rock pools, long walks, growing our own vegetables and dreaming of a sandy bottomed ocean loving baby.

I have to be honest – during the first few months of Billy’s life, I didn’t really use a pram. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted and when we were out and about I preferred to wear him in my ergo baby carrier. Using the carrier meant I had my hands free for pushing a trolley or could easily walk along the beach with the dogs, and he just loved sleeping next to me. I still use the carrier now (at eighteen months!) but after about four months I had a really good idea of what we needed and went out to find our pram – Thule Urban Glide Pram.

Something I didn’t properly anticipate prior to our sea change was the need to get in and out of the car for nearly every outing – obviously when you move from the inner city suddenly things are less accessible. This simple yet inevitable difference really influenced my pram choice – I needed something light and easy to pack into the car.

My only piece of advice for choosing a pram is this – try to find one that suits your lifestyle. I understand that choosing a pram while pregnant requires more than a touch of foresight, which is near impossible as you often have no idea what life has in store for you when that little crumpet arrives. We chose our pram, the Thule Urban Glide, based around some personal fundamental needs. We drive a lot – I needed a light pram that was easy to fold and lug in and out of the car. We also wanted to make travelling a big part of our lives while Billy was young, so a pram that was also easy to travel with overseas was a big plus. On top of these two things, I found that one of my biggest challenges since becoming a mother was finding time and ways to fit exercise in around my darling (but demanding) tiny human, so a jogger pram really appealed to me.

We’ve taken the Thule to the beach, the city, to Europe and Indonesia. I’ve packed it on a plane while travelling alone with Billy, and I’ve gone for a run with it at five thirty in the morning through the sleepy streets of Barcelona. Billy has spent entire days hopping in and out of it as we have explored small market villages in France, and he has pushed it around our local supermarket while I load it up with groceries. It’s proven to be a sturdy, trusty steed, the Thule.

Thule Urban Glide Pram Review:

I’ve done a little breakdown of the jogging stroller features and what I love about it, which may help if you’re considering your options!

The Thule Urban Glide folds down easily with one hand – I have managed to do this while holding a baby in the other arm. It’s also only ten and a half kilos, so I manage to lift it easily in and out of the car too. The handlebar adjusts for the different heights of the pusher, and the pram suspension on the rear wheels is great if you go off track a little. The seat reclines nearly flat for when Billy sleeps, and the sunshade can almost cover him completely. When I’m running, I have the option to lock the front wheel into position, and I can store everything I need (including a few bags of groceries) in the large storage basket beneath the seat. The jogger pram is for children over six moths of age so to use it prior to this you’ll need to buy an infant attachment – you can buy a car seat adapter through Thule. Accessories are all sold separately.

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