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B.Boutique by Evergreen | Lil Pup Snuggle Buddy

Lil Pup Snuggle Buddy Soft Plush Comforter 

Beautiful and soft cuddle comforter making the perfect blankie for newborns.  Sure to delight your little one's senses and give glad dreams, these security baby blankets provide both luxury and comfort.   An infant sleeping in a strange place, away from mum and dad, or heading into unknown territory may often find comfort in a special baby blanket, also known as a security blanket.  Often used as a transitional object, security blankets can help soothe a young child and relieve tension and anxiety.  Babies often hold these close to their face, so something comfortable is best.

Standout Features 

  • All new materials
  • Surface Washable
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Measures 22cm