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Britax | Click & Go Unity Infant Carrier Lower Frame Adaptor

Configure your baby capsule where you want

Designed for Strider Compact and Britax e-brake stroller.

Accommodate two Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Baby Capsules for twins or allow your older child to sit in the main stroller seat while using a baby capsule.

Standout Features

  • Lightweight Aluminium frame
    • The maximum weight of the child using this product is not to exceed 12kg
    • Designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2008:2013 “Prams and Stroller Requirements”
    The CLICK & GO™ Unity Infant Carrier Lower frame can only be used with the following CLICK & GO™ Unity Infant Carriers:
    • Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier (Product Code 2248 & 2249 Only)
    • Britax Affinity Unity Infant Carrier (Product Codes 2257, 2258, 2259, 2260 & 2261 Only)
    • Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier with BOB fashion (Product Code 2252 Only)