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Bugaboo | Fox Base : Black & Free Cup Holder

At home or on the go, the Bugaboo Fox is designed to fit your lifestyle. Going about your day, shopping, traveling and exploring the outdoors have been easier thanks to the smoothest ride, the lightest push, and our best driving performance yet. nothing like a Bugaboo®

the Bugaboo Fox embraces your complete lifestyle: going outdoors, traveling and shopping are easy and always smooth. The easy-access under seat basket means you can bring along everything you need. With an ultralight frame and seamless fold, you can easily carry the pram into your house or car, or use the super-compact fold for stress-free storage.

standout features

The Most Comfortable Stroll: Effortless push and agile steering make this Bugaboo pram the best in its class. take it anywhere, from city streets to outdoor trails - the advanced all-wheel suspension and big wheels ensure a smooth, stable ride no matter the surface.

Robust and Strong, yet Ultralight and Compact: the bassinet and seat are ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. Spacious size and supportive pillow-top padding mean the child can sleep while parents are steadily strolling.  The frame is robust, but still, light so parents can lift and easily carry. The pram folds up seamlessly in one piece and can stand on its own when being stored.

Designed to Last: As one can expect from a Bugaboo pram, the Bugaboo Fox is built with the highest quality materials to ensure it can be used for generations with the same outstanding performance. Its modular design means parents can customise the pram to make it their very own - or refresh the look of the pram for a new season or a new baby. 

Mix and match from the many colour choices for fabrics, wheel caps and handlebar grips. Fabrics on the Bugaboo Fox are made with recycled materials.