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Difrax | Bottle Teat : Wide 2 Pieces Large

Size Large

The Difrax Bottle Teat Wide Natural - Small fits the wide S-baby bottle and has a silky soft, breast nipple-shaped teat which resembles the mother's breast. This perfectly facilitates mixed feeding, rotational breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Large: from the age of 3 months and older or if size Medium is too slow for your baby. Suitable for thick nutrition such as milk porridge. 2-pack. The teat is made of safe, silky soft, BPA-free silicone material. Developed by the Difrax medical team. Tip: By using the Difrax 1-2-3 Variflow Teat combined with the Difrax 1-2-3 Variflow Ring you can determine how fast your baby drinks and you can adjust the flow rate while bottle feeding.