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Difrax | Soother Wipes

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The Difrax Pacifier Wipes have been specially developed for cleaning all sorts of baby stuff that comes into contact with children’s mouths such as pacifiers, bottle teats, teething rings, teethers or other (teething) toys. The wipes do not contain any chemical substances such as parabens (preservatives) and are in no way hazardous to your child’s health. Odourless and tasteless.

25 wipes per pack. Preservable for 3 months after opening. Convenient cleaning wipes in case a pacifier or bottle teat is dropped or dirtied.

Product highlights

  • Quickly and easily cleaning the pacifier in an hygenic way
  • For on the road
  • Free from chemical substances, taste- and odourless
  • BPA free

Suitable for ages 0+