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Difrax | Sterilising Egg

Difrax Pacifier Sterilising Egg

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With the Difrax Pacifier Sterilising Egg you can cleanse and sterilise your pacifier easily, quickly and in a hygienic manner. To boil a teat, pacifier or teether often requires a lot of precious time which you can safely avoid by using the sterilising egg. Also suited for storing and transporting pacifiers in e.g. a baby changing bag.

Place one or two pacifiers in the sterilising egg and fill it with 10ml of water up to the dash indicator. Close the lid and put the egg in the microwave. Set it to 800 watts. 3 minutes later the pacifiers are sterilised. Allow the egg to cool before taking it out of the microwave. Pour the water out through the holes on the side of the egg.

Product highlights

  • Sterilises pacifiers very quickly, easily and hygienically.
  • Perfect for storing pacifiers or taking them with you
  • It holds two pacifiers or normal (M-size) baby bottle teats.

Product specifications

Age 0+ Months
Color Assorted
Material BPA free babyproduct