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Dr Browns Natural Flow Narrow Options Bottle 250ml 3Pack

Dr. Brown's Options Bottle Starter Kit Standard contains three standard bottles (1 x 120 ml. and 2 x 250 ml), three nipples phase 1, two nipples phase 2 and a cleaning brush.

Dr. Brown's Options Bottles seem to be the favourite of babies around the globe. The bottles are easily accepted even by new-borns. These bottles have a traditional narrow shape.


The innovative vent system from Dr. Brown's creates a paced flow and provides a feeding experience similar to most nipple-vented bottles. The bottle lets oxygen flow through the milk; making sure that vitamins, lipids and other key nutrients are preserved. This also benefits the digestion and reduces feeding problems for your little one.

You can use the Options Bottle with or without the vent system. This is especially convenient when your baby's feeding becomes more developed. Dr. Brown's bottles are made of BPA free material.