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FunFlex | Musical Rattle Flower

3 fun & flexible combinations

Package contains 3 Pieces: 1- Clamp, 1- Flexible arms, 1- Musical Rattle toy

Multiple fabric textures invite baby to explore with sense of touch

High contrast colors stimulate baby's vision

Features include crinkle material and colorful rattle beads that create fun sounds to entertain and delight baby

Interchangeable toy designed to be developmentally appropriate for every stage

Easy attachment and customize play time anywhere baby goes: stroller, twin Stroller, crib, car seat, high chair, pack & play, Swing, table, booster, bouncer, diaper changing table, bassinets, bath, Gym/Mat and anywhere you can envision

Connect toy to just about to any surface, easily and securely

Measures 5.74" x 11.22" x 2.95"