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Houdini | Cosy

Do you have a child that kicks off the blankets at night? Do you struggle to keep your child covered while out walking?

Using the Houdini Cosy will ensure more sleep for yourself and your wee one, as you wont have to be constantly checking the blankets are still on, and your blanket Houdini will stay snuggly and warm all night

What is Houdini | Cosy

The Houdini Cosy is the best tool for ensuring those blankets stay on during the night and during chilly stroller outings. The Houdini Cosy keeps it user warm and snug. It keeps the blankets securely in place and stops them from being kicked off, or slipping off & being caught in the stroller wheels.

Great for cots, single beds, bunk beds, strollers & wheelchairs. They are fully adjustable and fit toddler beds and up to king single beds too. Simply slip the elastic under the cot mattress or wrap it around the back of your stroller or wheelchair, and then grip the clips on either side of your blanket