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Houdini | Door

Your bedtime and daytime sanity saver...

Do you want to keep your toddler (or pet) out of the baby's room, older child's room, the office or perhaps the toilet? 

Are you transitioning from the cot to a bed? Is your young child constantly coming out of their bedroom when they are supposed to be sleeping?

Want to stop that early morning visitor sneaking into your bed, or stop them from raiding the fridge at 3am? Here's your solution!

What is a Houdini Door?

A Houdini Door is a device that you fit onto your door frame. It firmly holds a 35mm - 37mm thick or 45mm - 47mm thick door open but at a set distance. (You set the distance depending on where you put the door mounting block.)

The hall light can still shine in, the door is still open allowing the air to circulate, and you can still hear the baby cry out, but your toddler or pet can no longer move the door and disturb your sleeping baby, mess up your office or touch another older child's toys.  No more messes in the bathroom or toilet, accessing the laundry or jamming fingers!

It is the perfect tool for that frustrating cot to bed transition when your child constantly comes out of their room. And you can now keep them safely out of rooms without completely closing or locking the door.

It comes with 2 door blocks so you can use it with two doors. One at a time. Perhaps the bedroom at night and another room during the day.