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Houdini | Locks 3 Pack

Houdini Locks – Keeps Disposable and Cloth Nappies Secure

A Houdini Lock is a fabulous new idea taking the place of safety pins and made specifically for disposable nappies.

This device simply slips on over the top of the nappy tab & locks it into place, so your child can not pull it off.  Making it very handy for broken or sticky tabs so no more wasted nappies, or for little BubbyBears that love pulling off their nappies.  They are safer than safety pin as you can not accidentally poke your child while trying to pierce the thick nappy cloth.

You simply push up the black retainer pop the clip on over the tab squeeze the Houdini lock shut &  push down the black retainer to lock it into place. Fits most disposable nappies & a lot of cloth styles No more ‘surprises’, no more wasted nappies comfort contoured and reusable.