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Houdini | Stop Twin Pack

No more climbing out of the carseat, high chair or stroller harness. No more unnecessary falls

The Houdini Stop Chest Strap is a device which prevents your child from taking their arms out of their harnessing. It consists of two simple clips joined by a length of material. The clips connect onto the existing harness straps and hold them firmly in position preventing your child from wriggling out.

The Houdini Stop has been officially crashed tested & reviewed by ACRI. The Houdini Stop is legally allowed to be purchased as an aftermarket accessory, and used on a wide range of harnesses.

Please note: The Houdini Stop is a legal aftermarket accessory. It has been crash tested at an official crash testing facility, proven to be safe in an accident situation and found to comply with the AS/NZS Standards 1754:2004 and 8005:2013.  The Houdini Stop is not a restraint. It holds the existing harnesses straps in their correct position but prevents your child from removing their arms from it. Once your child has stopped doing this dangerous practice, please stop using the Houdini Stop

Suitable for mainly 12 - 36 month old children. Fits most harnesses up to 38mm wide.