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IL Tutto | Allegra Leather Tote Nappy Bag : Black

Having a child dramatically changes your life but it doesn’t mean you need to give up on what you love about fashion and looking stylish whatever you’re doing. Il Tutto make it our mission to take what’s necessary and practical for parents to buy, and transform it to express your identity – and your child’s. Our designer leather diaper bags and stylish baby bags are born from international design sensibilities and the latest trends in colour and form as well as using on the best materials available.

At the same time we make sure that every design incorporates all the functionality of conventional baby changing bags and the interior space you need to pack that small mountain of baby essentials to prepare for a day out. 

Il Tutto designer nappy bags are a complete product in both form and function, and we try to innovate on both aspects wherever we can. Beneath the beautiful leather exterior of our bags are a number of subtle features and tweaks to help with the daily business of caring for your child