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IntelliGender Boy Or Girl Gender Prediction Test

Australian parents-to-be, can now discover the exciting news of the sex of their baby in the comfort and privacy of their home. The IntelliGender kit gives expecting couples a new...
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Australian parents-to-be, can now discover the exciting news of the sex of their baby in the comfort and privacy of their home. The IntelliGender kit gives expecting couples a new milestone in their pregnancy - finding out their baby's sex. The test can be taken from as early as 8 weeks all the way through to the 34th week. IntelliGender is a non-invasive urine based test that provides results in just ten minutes. Just like a home pregnancy kit, you can tell the sex of your baby by the colour match of the test. IntelliGender has been proven to be 90% accurate in laboratory tests of pregnant women. How It Works? The test measures a combination of hormones including the hcg hormone and the difference in those hormones when a mother is pregnant with a female. Mothers pregnant with a male, and females not pregnant all test 'boy' due to the lack of a specific confidential element within the combined hormones. Intelligender has been sold in the USA for over three years and is a well established way for couples to confirm the sex of their baby. How do I perform the test? It's easy. Just collect your first morning's urine and add the amount indicated to the test kit. After 10 minutes, you match your color result to either 'girl' or 'boy'. How soon can I perform the test? We have found the best time to perform the test is between 10 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. This is 6 weeks from the first day of your missed period. How accurate is the test? In laboratory tests, IntelliGender's G.P.T. is proven over 90% accurate. Since November 2006, however, our real world results are tracking at 82%. Factors which could affect the accuracy include: failing to use first morning's urine, not following instructions provided in the kit and diluted urine from drinking excessive liquid within 3 hours of performing the test. What if I am having twins or multiples? If you are having identical twins, the test will indicate boy or girl based on the green or orange color. If you are having fraternal twins or multiples, you can assume that all babies are female if you achieve a girl result. A boy result will simply mean that at least one baby is male. What if I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) or am on Progesterone treatment? We recommend that you do not test while on Progesterone (wait 10 days from last dose) or at all if you have PCOS as you will likely get a 'boy' result and we cannot represent the accuracy of this result. Does sexual intimacy affect the results? Preliminary tests indicate that there may be a link between false boy results and recent sexual intimacy. We recommend refraining from such activity for at least 48 hours prior to taking the test. What is considered First Morning Urine if I am up numerous times during the night to urinate? So long as you are not drinking excessive liquids during the night, you may use the urine that is voided at the time of waking for the day. Try to be sure it has been at least 2- 1/2 hours since last voiding. Can your test tell me if I am pregnant? No. This is not a pregnancy test. You should perform an initial in-home pregnancy test (E.P.T.) and, subsequently, see your doctor for their medical blood test determination. Does this test mean that I do not need to see my healthcare provider since the only reason I was going to the doctor was to find out what I am having? No! Prenatal care is very important. You should see your healthcare provider on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy to ensure the health of you and your baby. There is much more that your doctor looks for than just the sex of your baby. Why isn't my doctor using this test inside his or her practice? Doctor's are not typically concerned with the gender of your baby. Their primary focus is always on you and your baby's health. If, for medical reasons, they must know the baby's gender, they have their own established medical procedures to perform. Just as the in-home pregnancy (E.P.T.) test is not used by doctors to confirm pregnancy, we do not expect our G.P.T. to be used by doctors as a way to confirm gender. Our product is designed to be a fun, process for Mums-to-be to participate in and should not be the basis for any future medical, financial or emotional decisions. What if I add too much urine to the test? A small amount of additional urine should not affect the test.   100% money back guarantee from manufacturer and a 24 hour manned hotline
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