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Kiddopotamus Go Cosy Fleece Lined Travel Wrap

• Fits Birth to 12 Months 
• The Coziest, Best Designed Stroller and Car Seat Blanket Made! 
• Plush Fleece Lining with Water and Wind Resistant Nylon Outer Layer. 
• Unique Harness Slits Accomodate all Harness Systems, including 3 and 5 Point: Car Seats, Strollers, Joggers, and Bike Trailers 
• Whenever it’s Needed, a Cozy, Detachable Hood attaches securely to the collar. 
• Snugs Up for Warmth 
• Tailored shoulders, double-fleece collar and adjustable tabs eliminate chilly air gaps. 
• Opens for Quick Cooling 
• Tabs easily open completely for quick cooling or to remove child. 
• Grows with Child 
• Multi-level crotch-harness slits let GoCozy adjust as your child grows. 
• Plush Fleece Inside, Water-Repellent Nylon Outside 
• Non-pilling fleece keeps warmth in, outer layer of soft nylon keeps out rain, wind and chill.