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Philips Avent | Mini Blender & Feeding Set

The Philips AVENT Miniblender and Feeding Set lets you serve wholesome food, made just right for your baby's development, no matter where you are. Ideal for blending fruits and cooked vegetables or grains, nuts and even cooked meats.

Standout Features:


  • With recipes for a growing baby: Everything you need to start. A recipe booklet helps you create a healthy diet for a growing baby.
  • Easy at-home blending and storing: Fresh, healthy and simple home-made food for baby. The first step to solid food.
  • With Mini Blender, wet mill and storage: Prepare: The Philips Avent Mini Blender and wet mill let you easily create natural, healthy food the way your baby prefers. Store: Use the sturdy, stackable cups for storage in the fridge or freezer. Feed: At home or on-the-go, your baby enjoys fresh food that you prepared. Plus, you can warm it in the cup with the Philips Avent bottle and baby food warmer.