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The Baby Focus | Phone Rattle : Pink

The Baby Focus attaches to your smart phone to attract the attention of your little one, allowing you to get the perfect picture with them looking straight at the camera.

This simple idea with its innovative look is designed to help improve the quality of your captured moments.The built in rattle provides a sound that all babies and toddlers love. Couple this with The Baby Focus range of bright, bold, modern colours and you've got the perfect tool to assist with capturing that special moment. The device is easy to attach and is equally easy to remove and store in your nappy/diaper bag, stroller, purse, handbag etc.

For best results use on little people from 2 months to 2 years.

Can be attached to any smartphone. Attach The Baby Focus to your phone by hooking one arm on one side of your device (underneath any buttons), then stretch the device until you can hook it on the other side.

Open any camera app on your phone. Spin the rattle which will get your child's attention, and then spin again to retain the attention. Your child will be looking at the rattle which gives the impression they are looking at the camera. Take your photograph.

Done! It's as easy as that and will ensure great photographs and save you lots of memory space on your device.